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Transformers for Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Transformers for Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Electro-Wind specialise in Isolation Transformers for Electric vehicle charging installations used in domestic and commercial applications.

New stringent rules have been introduced for ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING INSTALLATIONS. The
IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition, Requirements for Electrical installations BS7671:2018 was released on 1st July 2018 and becomes mandatory from the 1st January 2019. Section 722 covers the particular requirements when installing points for EV charging.

When considering the general requirements for conductor arrangement and system earthing, it may be necessary to install a three-phase isolation transformer providing a protective measure through electrical separation.

Electro-Wind offers a cost-effective solution to your isolation transformer needs whether it’s a new, single or three-phase supply or an upgrade to a previous EV point installation.

Electro-Wind Limited can meet your needs for all EV charge point power ratings, be it domestic or ultra-fast chargers. Our isolation transformers are built to comply with BSEN61558-2-4 and have been installed to supply power to EV chargers at Volvo, Audi and Porsche UK sales centres.

Historically, domestic EV charging points relied on the system earthing supplied by the main electricity supply to the building, the new legislation requires a PME earthing facility not be used for the protective conductor unless certain methods are employed.

The isolating transformers for domestic installations are supplied in a suitable enclosure that can be fitted to an internal wall of a garage or externally if so required to supply an EV charge point.

The new legislation change is not retrospective and will only apply to new installations from the 1st January, until then extra earthing protection is recommended but not mandatory.

Electro-Wind’s engineers can help you find the right solution for you at the most cost-effective price and with our own workshop, lead times are at a minimum.

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