3 Phase Transformers

Our three-phase transformers are designed and manufactured to IEC60076 and IEC61558.

These are double wound isolation transformers for continuous duty, complete with earth screen between the primary and secondary windings. These types of transformers can be manufactured to meet specific standards.

  • Primary Voltage To customer’s specification or 15KV
  • Secondary Voltage To customer’s specification or 15kV Ratings up to and including 2MVA Dry type and oil cooled options are available
  • Frequency 50/60Hz or customer requirements
  • Insulation Class B, F, H or C
  • Insulation Resistance > 5 Meg Ω
  • Dielectric Strength • Primary to Secondary > 38kV
  • Primary to Earth > 38kV
  • Secondary to Earth > 38kV
  • Ambient Temperature 30°C or to meet customer requirements
  • Duty Continuous duty at the rated kVA
  • Core High grade electrical steel, securely clamped and tied
  • Windings Grade 2 Polyester covered copper round wire or Nomex covered copper strip
  • Cooling Open transformers - AN enclosed ANAN fan cooling can also be provided on special units
  • Terminals Din Rail mounted, stud or copper bus bar according to the current level
  • Earthing Earth Screen between Primary and Secondary Windings with cable brought out and bonded to the core and all steel metalwork
  • Enclosures Sheet steel enclosures can be provided, standard and bespoke available
  • Protection Fuses or circuit breakers can be fitted. 

3 Phase Transformer in Stainless Steel Enclosure IP55

Input 480V ± 10%

Output 300V

Rating 145KVA

Frequency 50/60Hz

Class H

Vector Group Dyn11