Rail Industry

Railway Signalling Transformers

Class 1 Transformers 400/650V

Electro-Wind design and manufacture a range of outdoor suitably rated weather proof enclosures from IP44 right through to IP65 to suit client needs and conform to Railway Specifications.

Our continuous development with major railway customers has given Electro-Wind the knowledge and challenges ahead with the signalling world

CLASS 1 - IP55

  • Signalling Transformer for outdoor Use
  • 1PH & 3PH 400/650V

± 2.5/5/7.5% via switch

  • Rating 5KVA up to 300KVA
  • Inrush - 5 times
  • All built to Network Rail Standards

BR924A and NR/L2/SIG30007

Class I Transformers -

PSP and FSP Applications

Electro-Wind can design and manufacture these types of transformers in copper or aluminium to meet the needs of customer specification. 

Single Phase Railway Signalling

Transformer for indoor use

Product acceptance No: PA05-06988

Primary 400v 1PH 50/60Hz

Secondary 650v +/-2.5/5/7.5% taps via off

load tapping switch (lockable)

Rating 5kVA to 200kVA

Insulation Class H

Construction Built in accordance with BR924A

& NR/L2/SIG30007

Three Phase Railway Signalling


Primary 400v 3PH 50/60Hz

Secondary 650V ±2.5/5/7.5% taps via off

load tapping switch (lockable)

Rating 5kVA to 300kVA

Insulation Class H

Construction Built in accordance with BR924A

& NR/L2/SIG30007

History of previous projects

Feltham Resignalling Phase 0 – Shepperton

branch pilot scheme: Jan 2019.

Phase 0 which is due to commission in January 2019. However, a number of other transformers will be required in the project’s later phases. This constitutes a total of 5 phases.

Rail Side Service Pillar

Input Volts (On Load) Transformer 240V 1PH

Output Transformer 110V 1PH (55.0.55) CTE

Ingress Protection BS EN60529 IP00

Frequency – Hz. 50/60

Type Dry

Ambient Temperature Degrees C 25°

Duty Cycle Continuous

Earth Screen Included

Dielectric Class 3kV

Insulation Class (Temp. rise) F

Page 11

Item Data Option A

Quantity 9

Rating 2kVA (continuous)

Enclosed Steel Enclosure Floor mount Tower unit

(Marine Blue RAL5002) Special IP67

Height (mm) Approx. H 900

Length (mm) Approx. L 305

Depth (mm) Approx. W 230

Weight (kg) Approx. 32.14

Part B – Fittings

Input Device Hard Wire, Cable Entry via Base 2 x 35mm 4C Armoured (Client To Fit) Provision to Accept

Isolation Switch 1 x 63A 4P Mains Isolation Switch

Output 1 (Non Isolated) 1 x 32A 400V 5P IP67 Socket

Outlet 1 Protection 1 x 32A TP Type “C” MCB & 1 x 40A 30MA 4P RCD for 32A 400V S/O

Transformer Input Protection 1 x 16A DP Type “D” MCB

Output (Isolated) 1 x 16A 110V 2P+E IP67 Socket

Output Protection 1 x 16A DP Type “C” MCB & 1 x 25A DP 30mA RCD for 16A 110V S/O

Fittings All MCB &, RCD under IP65 quick release Covers

Standard BS EN 61558

All our quality standards and procedures are monitored independently to BS EN 9001, and are subject to regular external and internal audits.