Product Overview

Product Overview
Electro-wind can design and build any transformer from less that 1kVA up to 1.25MVA transformers including

  • Isolating
  • Auto Hexaphase      
  • Motor Starting Auto (Corndorfer)
  • K factor 

All designed and manufactured bespoke to customers                                 specification
AC Reactors
For harmonic attenuation in AC Power Systems
For smoothing AC ripple in DC circuits
DC  Rectifier Units
We manufacture both air and oil cooled transformer rectifier units which transform AC supply, single or three phase to DC supply    
Mains Distribution Units
Power Switch allows instant connection/isolation to large numbers of machinery, overload protected and fuse fail monitoring, ideal for construction sites, outdoor events where numerous equipment is run off the mains.
Control Panel Transformers
Standard range from stock extending up to 15kVA
Bespoke control transformers to customers rating
Any transformer can be enclosed
Site Transformers
No other transformer supplier offers a wider choice of Power tool and site transformers
Site Accessories include
Extension leads and cable reels standard from stock or bespoke to you
Splitter boxes standard from stock or bespoke to you
Plugs, Sockets, Cable and Adaptors
Transformer repairs