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Electro-Wind Neutral Earthing


Neutral Earthing Transformers (NET)

Our Neutral Earthing Transformers (NETs) are single phase and suitable for earthing the neutral point of a generator when used with a secondary loading resistor.

We manufacture a range of single phase transformers for voltages between 3.3kV and 36kV, with continuous ratings of up to 200kVA, and short-time ratings of up to 1600kVA.

Our transformers are of cast resin construction and/or dry type vacuum varnish (VIP) and, dependent upon the rating, have either a single or two coil design.

In practise, the primary of the NET is connected between the neutral point of a star connected generator or transformer and ground. The secondary of the NET is connected to a loading resistor, ensuring the current and its duration is limited to protect the system. In some instances the voltage across the secondary can be monitored to check if system charging currents are present and this data used to set the protection relays in the system.

All transformers are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC60076 with testing in accordance with IEC 60076-11.