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Electro-Wind Power and Distribution

Electro-Wind manufacture and supply transformers all over the globe 

Electro-Wind offers the full range of custom built bespoke transformers - all designed and built in the UK.

From low voltage transformers with a high current capacity or high voltage with just a few amps, to single phase, three phase 3 limb and 5 limb hexaphase arrangements, we offer the complete solution. 

Our transformers are offshore-onshore, converting waves into sustainable energy keeping the planet green. They are trackside, helping passengers get to their destinations across the country; they are deep underground in coal mines; working in extreme temperatures hot or cold to power drilling equipment in the desert or Arctic. And they are out at sea, serving the heavy duty drives used for oil and gas extraction.  

Insulation classes can range from class A through to class C, using high quality insulation materials.

Along with our standard range of transformers, we also provide a wide range of special purpose-built transformers, reactors and chokes, manufactured to the individual requirements of our clients.

Low loss and super low loss core steel is available, together with different cooling methods, including air cooled, mineral oil, KNAN and synthetic fluids.

Electro-Wind Reactors and Chokes


Liquid Filled Transformers

We have the design and build capabilities to manufacture mineral oil and synthetic oil filled transformers, including low system voltages up to 11kV and power ratings up to and including 2 MVA.

They are available as free-breathing (conservator) type or thermetically sealed units; they can be supplied with any fittings and devices. These include offload tap changers, air circuit breakers and custom designed control panels.

We work closely with our customer to find the right solution to any specification or standard.

We can design and supply bespoke transformers to power 12, 18 and 24 pulse electrical propulsion systems, through to transmission and distribution equipment located in harsh environments such as desert, coastal and other extreme locations.

Electro-Wind has vast experience in the design and supply of power transformers and related projects. We also offer compact, high integrity solutions for safety critical applications.

Electro-Wind Reactors and Chokes


Air Cooled Transformers

Dry type transformers can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.

These transformers provide a safe and reliable power source with no need for fire-proof rooms, catch basins or the venting of gasses. This means they can be installed inside buildings close to the load, improving overall system regulation and reducing costly secondary line losses.

Widely used for marine and offshore service, they are fitted where liquid-filled equipment is not suitable, such as indoor or confined areas.

They use Class F, H and C insulation systems and materials. With only minimal maintenance you can be sure of many years of reliable, trouble-free service.

We are specialists in supplying stainless steel indoor/outdoor enclosures to specific customer requirements and applications.

Electro-Wind Reactors and Chokes


Industrial Transformers, Chokes, AC Reactors 

Electro-Wind’s experienced engineers can design and manufacture any bespoke transformer from 10VA up to 2MVA.

50VA to 10kVA available directly from stock. 

Open type or enclosed, air cooled or oil cooled built to order as per customer’ specification. 

Voltages up-to 15kV. 

Isolation Transformers

Our single-and three-phase isolation transformers are double wound, intermittent or continuous duty cycles, complete with earth screen between the primary and secondary windings. 

These types of transformers can be specified to step up or down the voltage. Different types of termination can be incorporated into the design, including screw, din rail mounted, stud type terminals, flying leads, copper flags and shrouds. 

Transformers can be enclosed from our range of standard enclosures.  We also offer a bespoke enclosure service where any size, shape, IP rating, or materials (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, GRP plastic, etc.) can be supplied. 

Auto Transformers 

Designed for use in commercial, rail, offshore and military applications, we design specifically to meet clients’ needs. 

We offer many options and styles, including a variety of terminations, open type or with an enclosure, wall or floor mounted to various IP ratings, and with additional components and circuitry. We will work 

to any specification, meet project budgets and offer short lead times. We also provide Korndorffer method auto transformers for motor starting applications. 

10,000V to 415V, Dry Type - 500KVA

Reactors and Chokes 

We supply a large range of input and output line reactors for harmonic attenuation in AC power systems, along with DC chokes for smoothing AC ripple in DC circuits.

Electro-Wind Reactors and Chokes

Hexaphase Transformers (5-Limb) 

Five-limb transformer cores offer low impedance to the flow of unbalanced load between the line and neutral (zero-sequence component of current). 

Better heat dissipation can be achieved as there is greater surface contact with ambient air or transformer oil/coolant. All hexaphase transformers are designed and built by our engineers to any specific application. 

Electro-Wind Hexaphase Transformers (5-Limb)

K-Factor Transformers 

K-Factor transformers are designed to reduce the heating effects of harmonic currents created by loads. 

The K-Factor rating is an index of a transformer’s ability to withstand harmonic content while operating within the temperature limits of its insulating system. 

We can calculate K-Factor ratings of any magnitude when harmonic values are given, which enables us to design and build a K-Factor transformer specific to clients’ requirements. 

Electro-Wind K-Factor Transformers