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Electro-Wind UL Range Header

UL Range Air Cooled Transformers

Electro-Wind offers express delivery for emergency situations.

UL Range Air Cooled Transformers

UL Range

Air Cooled Transformers

A versatile range of transformers, up to a maximum of 600V and ratings up to 60kVA 1 phase & 100kVA 3 phase, can be provided for projects in the USA, Canada and other parts of the world that require UL approvals. 

Electro-Wind Transformers UL Recognition for USA & Canada

Product Category   XQNX2
File Number   E3529819
Insulation System   OBJY2. Class 180 (H) DV-180-1
Maximum Impedance   5% (Transformers rate 2kVA and above)
Maximum Voltage   600V RMS 
Product Range Single Phase:   100VA to 60kVA
(equivalent size) Three Phase:   300VA to 100kVA
Catalogue Number    Transformers:  TBC

Electro-Wind UL Range Transformer