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Electro-Wind offers express delivery for emergency situations.

UL Range Air Cooled Transformers

Electro-Wind Ltd have UL Approval Certification for Transformers, Auto Transformers and Inductors, UL Recognition for the USA and Canadian Markets.

Electro-Wind is now certified to design and manufacture isolation Transformers, Auto Transformers and inductors to UL standards as per our listing file number E511004.

We can custom build and supply 100VA to 60kVA single phase and 300VA to 100kVA three phase transformers with any voltage up to and including 600V. We are also compliant and are approved to manufacture Auto Transformers and inductors.

Single and Three phase version also available. All our designs have been through exhaustive tests in order to the meet the high standards set out by UL. Our class H insulation system conforms to the highest standards to meet and satisfy the reliability requirements of UL.

All our UL products will comprise of UL recognised material and will be manufactured in the Uk within our North West based factory.

Bespoke to your requirements, we offer a quick delivery to meet your needs.

Electro-Wind looks forward to receiving your enquires and working with you.

Electro-Wind Transformers UL Recognition for USA & Canada

Product Category XQNX2
Product Category XQNX8 (Canada)
File Number E511004
Insulation System OBJY2 Class H ( 180 ) DV-180-1
Maximum Voltage 600V RMS 
Product Range: 100va-60kva Single Phase
Product Range: 300va-100kva Three Phase
Product Code Number Transformer ( T ) / Autotransformers (A) /chokes-Reactors ( C ): Frame size number