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Electro-Wind Transformer Repairs


Extensive repair and test facilities with full technical support

With over 30 years’ experience in transformer repair and manufacture, Electro-Wind has the skills, facility and expertise to carry out any transformer repair ranging from less than 10VA to 2MVA. 

We repair the full range of transformers from control transformers to large 3 phase distribution transformers, offering a 24 hour service when required. 

Our vast experience in manufacturing single phase and three phase transformers allows us to offer a repair service for transformers, along with reactors and chokes. We maintain good stock levels of all standard laminations, frames, wire and bobbins. This enables us to offer quick lead times in breakdown repair situations. All specialised parts can be procured from our extensive supplier network. 

All transformers are fully tested at rated voltage and load testing/heat runs can be performed where requested. Full test certificates are available. 

Enclosure repairs and replacement options are provided as part of our repair service.