1.5kVA Wall/Floor Mounted Transformer - Product Code WM1500TR

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1.5kVA Wall / Floor mounted Intermittent Transformer

High quality wall mounting safety isolating transformers designed to ensure safe electrical distribution for power tools in industry and other fixed installations. Used for stepping down UK mains voltage to 110V CTE (centre tap earthed) site safety supply. Double wound 110V secondary’s centre tapped to earth to minimise shock risk. Sheet steel IP22 type wall or floor mounting enclosure for indoor use. Re 20mm conduit entry on both sides of case designed with internal terminals on the input side for hardwiring to the 230V mains supply.

  • 1500VA Intermittent Transformer - 750VA Continuous
  • Metal Enclosure
  • IP22
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Input Voltage 230V (mains)
  • Output Voltage 110V CTE
  • Weight 11.4kg