110V 2 Way Trailing Socket Adapter 16Amp - Power Splitter - Product Code YAD16-110

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2 Way trailing socket Adaptor 110V 16 Amp

This is 2 way 16A 110V trailing socket power splitter, it provides power for up to 2 appliances from a single 110V power source , easy connection to power tools, extension cables, Generators and lights etc . This splitter allows you to plug safely to the power source , allowing the 2 outputs to lie on the ground, thus avoiding excessive weight on the  socket.

  • 110V
  • 16amp input plug 3 pin with input lead 2.5mm Cable to central boss
  • 2 x 16amp output leads to 16amp 3 pin trailing sockets
  • IP44
  • Weight 0.66Kgs