1kVA or 1000VA Intermittent Rated Portable Isolation Transformer, Single Socket/ Power Tool Transformer - Product Code P10/1

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This 1kVAportable power tool transformeris made with a tough GRP caseto withstand harsh conditions of site use. High quality internal windings and components ensure long term reliability.  Used for stepping down UK mains voltage (230V) to 110V for safe site use. This step down transformer is designed to be used with industrial 110V appliances. It is designed in accordance with IP44 rating, and is suitable for intermittent running of power tools and continuous running of lighting products within specified capacity.

  • 2 metres 1.5mmSq 3 core mains Lead with moulded BS1363 13A 230V Fused 3 pin plug
  • 230V to 110V Centre Tap Earthed
  • Isolation transformer 
  • Enclosure GRP with handle and lid
  • 1 x 16Amp 110V 3 Pin Socket IP44 BS60309
  • Protected by 4A Thermal overload manual reset trip
  • Weight 10 Kg
  • Allow 1 extra day for bespoke manufacture