DC Rectifier Units

We manufacture air and oiled cooled transformer rectifier units that transform and convert an AC current derived from a single or three phase mains supply to a higher or lower DC Voltage.

This also provides a power supply solution for equipment designed to operate from a DC Power Supply.

Examples are from a few volts at 7000A to inject a current into a railway conduction rail system for testing purposes, up to 5kV at a few amps for running and testing high voltage motors.

We also provide power supply units for the logistics industry and power supply solutions for the motor home and caravan sectors.

 Our DC rectifiers are specifically developed to provide a power supply solution for a wide and varied range of applications, such as:

Trailer Transformer / Tail Lift Transformer

Electro-Wind Specialises in DC rectifiers specifically for use in the logistics industry.

See below Our Trailer Transformer / Tail Lift Transformer in Action!

Our power supply units provide the required DC supply to enable the use  of moving deck and tail lifts when unaccompanied by a shunter or tractor unit. This saves fuel and is kinder to the environment.

The units are supplied to your individual requirements with control gear where needed.

Mobile options are available on lockable castor wheels or you can choose from fixed installation units which can be wall or floor mounted. 


CV Show 2019 Demonstration